EMMTRY Documentation

At EMMTRY, we are building ONE solution for all your entries and access needs.
What does it mean? A hardware and software solution that works not just on your home door, but any door or gate for your house of appartment/office building or garage/gates outside. Unlike some of the SmartLocks for your home on the market, our solution is Universal for maintanance free high frequency access for many years to come.

Our ambition is to design our products as easy as possible, still there is a need to quickly understand what is possible and how to do things.

The Installation Guide explains how you install the EMMTRY Controller with the different Electric Lock/Strike/Opener on the market and get EMMTRY Controller operational.

The User Guide shows how you use the EMMTRY Apps designed for Apple iOS/iPadOS and Google Android Phones and Tablets.

There is also a REST API Spec available in the cases when you want to integrate EMMTRY Controller to 3rd party Systems, such as Rental Books or other Access Control systems.

User Guide

Installation Guide

API Specification

The EMMTRY API lets you progmatically access EMMTRY Devices, it lets you lock/unlock your home, community or office doors equipped with EMMTRY Controller and a electric lock or strike and also see the status physical position of door, handle, bolt etc. It also works with EMMTRY controller to open/close of electric gates and electric garage doors or other openers. It lets you programmatically invite people to those spaces, modify keys and instantly rewoke access.

You could use it to integrate into existing systems or build your own app and control system.

The EMMTRY API is a RESTful JSON Application Programming Interface where every request and response is currently using JSON parameters, other formats migth be easily supported if you contact support.

Send a request to Support for the URL to the API Spec and we will assist you in implementing our REST API towards our Cloud Server(s)