Our EMMTRY Packages

Select the package(s) for your use case(s)

Since the EMMTRY controller works with a large range (i.e. 1000s) of commercial electric strikes/locks/openers in the market,
we have put together different packages we think are useful in different price ranges and functionality.

Ordering Guidelines:

  • If you already have a electric Strike/Lock/Opener, you only need to order the EMMTRY Controller

    Doors w/electric locks

    Supports strikes of most brands in the market such ASSA, Abloy, Robust, Solenoid, etc.


    Strikes (with/without Port Telephone)

    Sashlocks, supports strikes of most brands in the market such ASSA, Abloy, Robust, Solenoid, etc.

    Garage & Gate Door Opener

    Supports of most brands in the market such Stanley, Craftsman, Chamberlain, Genie, Lift master, etc.

    Barrier Gate Operator

    Supports most opener brands such Linear, Elite, Lift Master, TAU, etc. 


    12 Volts Electric Equipment (on-off) such as low power  lights,  blinds, etc.

  • The packages with Electric Strike could be fitted to frame on most doors - very popular at office and appartment complex front doors.

  • The packages with Electric Lock fits in Scandinavian Assa style form doors by removing mechanical variant and sliding in this electric lock, there are Euro style versions available too, please contact support before ordering.


  1. When you receive the package from us, the next step is installation
  2. See Installation Guidelines document for wiring instructions
  3. Installation could be done by yourself if enough understanding of low-power (12v) wiring and could handle the fysical strike/lock/opener fittings to your door(s), otherwise we recommend you contact your local installer to handle this.